From:  Emergency Preparedness Leadership Team 

Date: April 1, 2020


We are requesting that all staff that work for multiple essential service agencies please email Sharon, identifying the agencies that you work for, thank you! 



All staff entering the home are to be screened using the screening questions as well as having their temperatures taken. 



In discussion with Jean Thompson the following has been recommended: 

Staff are requested to have a set of work clothes that they can change into, which are separate from your home clothes. Remember, the homes are the cleanest places to be so we don’t want to bring germs into the home. 

Staff should go straight home after work, do not stop at a grocery store with work clothes on, or, on your way to work. OR, change clothes as you enter and before you leave work. If, you do this, you must have a clean set of clothes for the next work day. 

All staff should keep a spare set of clothes in their car in case they are sent to another location after being at one location. 


Masks are not warranted nor helpful if you do not have COVID-19 nor does the person that you are supporting. There is a (worldwide) shortage of masks and need to be kept for when, they are actually going to make a difference. 

Cloth masks or handmade masks are not recommended as they do not protect you from any fine particles and also give people a false sense of security as they feel they are protected and continue to touch their face to adjust mask. 



Management is doing our best to accommodate special circumstances for staff who are in need of adjusting their hours. Please keep in mind we are doing our best to ensure fairness across the board and guarantee that we have a complete complement of staff resources in the coming weeks ahead. 

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource Page

Last Updated: March 30 at 11:30 am

Community Living Association is continuing to closely follow the advice provided by Ottawa Public Health and other health agencies such as the Public Health Agency of Canada and Ontario Public Health.

For more information relating to the COVID-19 virus and information about monitoring symptoms and precautions, please visit the Ottawa Public Health website for up-to-date information.

Please click the following links to view document with more information regarding COVID-19




From: Emergency Preparedness Leadership Team

Date: March 28, 2020


We continue to cook, package and deliver meals to Individuals living independently in the community for the people we support as well as Individuals in need supported by Carebridge, Lanark County Developmental Support Services and Tayside. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the following businesses who have gone above and beyond to assist us with this venture: 

  • Garden Market, Smiths Falls 

  • Keyesbury Appliance Distributor, Carleton Place 

  • Andress’ Your Independent Grocers, Smiths Falls 

  • J. Quattrocchi & Co. Ltd- Wholesale Food Products, Smiths Falls 


Please remember these community minded businesses, as they will require and deserve our support in the future! We also have a couple of home bakers who have offered their assistance in baking for the people we support! A future edition of the communique will recognize their contributions! 


We continue to be on the hunt for these products and should you have any leads they would be greatly appreciated. Again, we have some local businesses to thank for their assistance in this area. They include: 

  • Action Sanitation Supplies 

  • Dairy Distillery 

  • Top Shelf Distillery


The attached document provides staff with clear direction on how to respond to suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19 in residential settings (SIL protocols to follow once approved by health professionals). All staff will be asked to sign off on having read and understood the protocols contained therein. The sign off sheet will be available early next week. 

The document has been vetted by Jean Thompson from the Rideau Community Health Services– thank you Jean! Continuing the spirit of working together, the original document has been developed by Christian Horizons and adapted by Community Living Parry Sound. We thank them for sharing their knowledge with us! 



For the foreseeable future, the management team have decided to tag team our efforts. The following managers will be working together to support your efforts: 

Please note the after hours’ manager is also available at: 613.621.9659



From: Emergency Preparedness Leadership Team

Date: March 23, 2020


Together, we can slow the spread of COVID-19 by making a conscious effort to keep a physical distance between each other. Social distancing is proven to be one of the most effective ways to reduce the spread of illness during an outbreak. With patience and cooperation, we can all do our part, even while performing your duties at work. 


Ontario has now launched an enhanced and interactive self-assessment tool. This new easy-to-use tool takes the public through a series of questions to inform those who are concerned they may have contracted COVID-19. In a matter of seconds, this tool will help people determine if they are negative or it will provide them with guidance on where to seek care based on their needs. 


Just an FYI, CSS North Lanark has now been repurposed for the SIL meal preparation. You will still pick up supplies at the main office. Please call ahead regarding availability of supplies. 613.257.8040 X210. 

We are very thankful to all our CLA staff who provide the greatest supports to the people we work for! Please know your efforts are recognized and appreciated! 




From: Emergency Preparedness Leadership Team

Date: March 19, 2020


The first day of Spring should not go unnoticed! Happy Spring to all! Today’s communique will focus on updates and provide you with some information regarding time off requests. 


SIL staff under the culinary cooking team have prepared and distributed the following to those living in SIL: 

462 – meals (cooked and packaged within 14 hours) 

1 – 40lb case of bananas 

1 – 36lbs case of apples 

1 – 40lb case of oranges 

Variety of homemade muffins and cookies 

Prepackaged snacks 

Thank you to all who have assisted in this endeavour. We will go back at it again next week to ensure the people we support in SIL are kept healthy and safe! 



Today we have heard from all our group homes and are hearing that things are going very well. Some Individuals have been able to pop into the day services (which are being reserved for our group home use only) and are out and about for some drives and drive thrus! 



We are still searching out cleaning supplies and celebrate when we score things such as toilet paper, hand soap and Lysol wipes! We have been able to go into Walmart and explain that we are shopping for numerous people (almost 40 in SIL) and they have thankfully allowed us more than the limit. 

We have started a list of businesses and people that we owe a big thank you and if you have anyone for us to add please let us know! 


As previously mentioned we are striving to be very flexible with requests for time off. All requests for time off will be considered on a case by case basis and approved by the Executive Director. Please send Sharon an email in order to get the Time Off Request form. 


COMMUNIQUE #3 - RE: Education/Information


From: Emergency Preparedness Leadership Team

Date: March 17, 2020

Day 2 of the roll out of the emergency plan has gone very well. Plans are in place to support Individuals living in SIL to ensure that they remain healthy and in good spirits; including providing them with information on the importance of self isolation and good hygiene. Plans are also underway to assist with groceries and to provide nutritious meals in order to discourage them from going into grocery stores.


SIL staff are equipped with an emergency kit to screen Individuals prior to entering their home as well as safety equipment should an Individual be found to have symptoms associated with COVID-19. CLA is doing their part to assist family members of the Individuals we support as well as other vulnerable Individuals that come to our attention. There are six items of which we wish to update you today:



Jean Thompson (nurse, Rideau Community Health Services – specialty with Individuals with developmental disabilities) has provided us with the following information in regards to wearing masks. Should we suspect that someone has contracted COVID-19 (or the case has been confirmed) staff are to wear gloves and regular masks while supporting them, in their own bedroom. The Individual who has contracted the virus should also wear a mask as well. We do not need to wear masks at all times.



The National Alliance for Developmental Support Providers have released a webinar on the role of the Direct Support Provider during COVID-19 pandemic. While the information may come from an American association, they do work closely with Canadian associations. The webinar can be found here



The latest information and communiques will be housed on our CLA website for your information. Please go to:




Please be aware that there are people out there that may try to send viruses through your email. Please do not open any Coronavirus emails from anyone that you do not know.



We continue to outsource cleaning supplies, toilet paper, etc. and are doing our best to keep a stock of essentials here at the main office. As you know, some items are at a premium and are being sold out as soon as they hit store shelves. We would ask that if you come across any such supplies and are willing to purchase some on the association’s behalf it would be very much appreciated; and, of course you would be reimbursed. These supplies include:

  • Toilet Paper

  • Waterless hand sanitizer

  • Rubbing Alcohol

  • Lysol Wipes

  • Thermometers (no touch)




Should you need to reach a member of the team, please call us at the main office at 613.257.8040 X210.


We thank you for your dedication to the association and the Individuals we support!


COMMUNIQUE #2 - Re: Covid-19 Plan


From: Emergency Preparedness Leadership Team

Date: March 16, 2020

Today your COVID-19 Leadership Committee (one representative from each service) met to discuss plans to keep the Individuals you support and staff safe during the outbreak. We have implemented a three phase comprehensive plan that includes:


  1. Preparedness – Gathering of resources and determining responsibilities for the various supports.

  2. Prevention – Review of current hygiene and cleaning practice and what additional measures need to be put in place at this time.

  3. Containment – Should an Individual we support contract COVID-19, a case by case plan is waiting in the wings, if we have to implement this phase.


Further, we have determined that:

  • All programs and outings have been cancelled.

  • Day Services have been cancelled until at least April 6th , 2020.

  • Some of the day service staff will be reassigned to SIL supports. Remaining day service staff may be utilized to open the services to group home Individuals to alleviate boredom.

  • Respite will transpire on a case by case basis, and in environments CLA can contain (CLA SIL home, staff respite homes).

  • Any Individuals living in residential settings that leave the home to stay with family are asked to not return until April 6th , 2020.


These are trying times for all, and we have implemented the following to prevent spreading of the virus and to help ease the stress:

  • Any staff who has been out of the country, must self isolate for a period of two weeks.

  • Any staff who have family members returning from out of country must also self isolate for two weeks upon their return.

  • We understand that staff may have challenges with young families or vulnerable adults in their care. We ask that you become creative with your availability if possible; however, if there are no options and you feel more comfortable self-isolating, we do understand. Please ensure that you speak with your manager about this.

  • We will work with staff to ensure there are no financial hardships while we deal with COVID-19. The union has suggested that we consider creating a bucket of hours that staff may wish to share with others who do not have the ability to have time off banked. We will get back to you on how that can transpire, and how to access that bank.

  • We would also ask that staff with skills that may be help us with this pandemic to self identify to your manager so that we can deploy supports where/when needed.

  • If you are feeling anxious, please do reach out to your manager or Mac Girouard as the association’s mental health lead.

  • You also have access to our EAP should you wish to remain anonymous (613.549.5561).




We will communicate updates to you via your CLA email and through CLA’s website. We will send the link out tomorrow to access the webpage specific to COVID-19.


While it may appear that our approach has last minute changes. Our information and directives are coming in real time and can change by the hour. We will communicate any changes to our plan to you as soon as its feasibly possible.




From: Management

Date: March 13, 2020

COVID-19 has received a lot of attention and it is clearly on the minds of our staff, families and public at large, and rightly so. CLA has been following the progression of the virus carefully and are taking direction from the Ontario Ministry of Health and the Public Health Agency of Canada.


Our infection control practices are in place and are a routine part of our duties and responsibilities. At this point we ask that you remain vigilant in completing your duties to ensure that our services and supports remain at the highest standard of cleanliness and, that you and the Individuals you support follow the recommended hygienic practices.


We ask that you monitor your health, those of your loved ones and those that you support for symptoms of COVID-19 and to seek medical attention if there are any concerns.


Our staff and their families are very important to CLA. We know that there are stresses on you and your family during this time and we will work with you to meet your needs the best we can.


The spread of COVID-19 may influence how we respond as an organization and our directives may be fluid as more information comes to light. At this time, we ask that you:

  • Advise your manager if you are travelling to any of the hot spot countries for COVID-19.

  • Ensure that our infection control practices are followed.

  • Work diligently with the people we support to ensure they follow precautions, including proper handwashing.

  • Avoid large group gatherings with the Individuals we support.

  • Post the attached fact sheet from the Public Health Agency of Canada on COVID-19 in a prominent location within each service.


More communication will follow early next week.




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