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Community Services


Community Services is person centric and driven by the Individual. Community Services will access both organized and natural resources to ensure Individuals enjoy the lifestyle and activities of their choosing. 

In accordance with the CLA mission to support people with an intellectual disability “to live a quality life in a state of dignity, with the opportunity to participate fully in their community and to contribute and benefit from societal engagement,” Community Services will work to enable the Individuals supported to:

  • Have choices made in terms of personal interests and desires.

  • Enjoy naturally supported relationships and friendships.

  • Experience the security of inclusion in communities that seize the rights of people to live as independently as possible, supported to the extent necessary for individual needs to be met utilizing and respecting the ordinary resources in the community; especially in the post COVID world.



Employment at a competitive wage. The team will work in partnership with employment agencies to secure, train and retain employment for those Individuals able to be employed.


Purposeful volunteering opportunities for Individuals wishing to volunteer within their community. The team will work with local volunteer organizations and other not for profits to secure, train and retain purposeful volunteer opportunities for Individuals who wish to share their time.

Recreational Pursuits

Inclusive and exclusive recreational opportunities will be offered by the Community Services team. Individual’s interests to partake in community-based leagues will be encouraged through focused integrations.

Exclusive recreational and sport opportunities will be offered by the Community Services team in rented space within the community when it is safe to do so.


Spiritual Pursuits

Individuals who wish to attend worship will be supported through a focused integration into the spiritual community of their choice and through their medium of choice (in person and/or virtually).


Mentorship Roles

The Community Services team will seek out opportunities to connect Individuals with members of the community with similar interests. The intent is for the relationship to evolve into a natural connection of two people with similar interests.


Supported and Enhanced Supported Independent Living

Individuals who live independently in the community will be supported by the Community Services team. These supports will include life/living skills that will allow them to lead a quality of life in which they will thrive living independently.


Enhanced Skills and Competencies

Develop and deliver educational lifelong learning opportunities that will enhance the skills and competencies of Individuals, allowing them to continue to thrive and reach their goals and dreams.

Adult Learning

  • The Individual’s educational requirements that will support them to be successful in the community will be delivered by an educational support team. Some of these supports will be provided virtually and others will be delivered one to one, either in the person’s home or dedicated educational space provided by CLA, Lanark.

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