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A Message from our Executive Director


The Goal of Community Living Association (Lanark County) is:


“That all people live in a state of dignity, share in all elements of living in the community and have the opportunity to participate effectively”. 


This goal envisions a society in which the innate value of each one of its people is honoured and protected. The dignity and self-respect that its people enjoy in their respective communities are the result of sharing and shouldering the responsibility of welcoming and supporting all members of the community without discrimination. 


Fulfillment of this community responsibility will have entailed providing the necessary resources and supports, both natural and organized, to ensure that: 


  • Children are nurtured within the family and, as a consequence, enjoy the benefits of family life;  that they go with their neighbourhood friends to their neighbourhood schools where they further their growth and development together.

  • As they grow, people can aspire to and have typical expectations of worthwhile career options, real work for real pay and fair recognition of accomplishment.

  • Individuals have access in adulthood to decent and appropriate homes which they are able to call their own.

  • They can retire, eventually, to enjoy the lifestyle and activities of their own choosing. 


Because the quality of our lives is so dependent upon how, when, where and with whom we are free to live, love, learn, work and spend our personal time, the exercise of our community responsibilities will have ensured that people are free and have the necessary empowerment to enable them to:  


  • Make real choices in self-determined terms, however those choices are expressed.

  • Enjoy real friendships and other naturally supportive relationships.

  • Experience the security of unquestioned inclusion in communities that embrace the right of people to live as independently as possible, supported to the extent that is necessary to meet individual needs in a manner that uses and respects the ordinary resources in the community. 


In this society of our vision, mutual respect and mutual growth will have solidified each person’s sense of self-worth and equality with others. That state of belonging to which we have all aspired will have been reached not because of any preferred status or label, but from our acceptance that the uniqueness of each person is to be celebrated, supported and acknowledged as essential to the completeness of the whole community.


Values and Beliefs

All individuals are valued and appreciated and are
treated respectfully and fairly.



All individuals have inherent worth and are respected for their ability and not judged by their disabilities.



We ensure that all individuals receive recognition and live in a state of respect and dignity.



All individuals have rights and obligations and are entitled to the benefits of citizenship and are responsible for the obligations of citizenship.



Individuals are accepted and included in the meaningful activities, rites and the fabric of families, groups, institutions and communities.



We value the strength of team and family and recognize the benefit of the collective and the obligation of the individual to contribute to the health and well-being of the team.

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