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Passport Funding


Community Living Association has a proud

and rich tradition of working with individuals,

their families and stakeholders to support

their needs and the achievement of

personal goals.


The Association offers a variety of service

and supports that can be found on our

website or by simply contacting us and we

will be pleased to book an appointment

to meet with you.


Many individuals receive individualized

funding to purchase services and supports in the community. In 2014, the government made a significant commitment to increase this funding. Individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families or support workers face four major challenges:


  1. Determining eligibility and how to apply for funding.

  2. How to plan for the best possible use of the funding and determining eligible activities and supports.

  3. Identifying and accessing services and supports in the community.

  4. Management of the support plan and funding.



This brochure is intended to provide the reader guidance and

supports to meet these challenges and to provide information on the eligible services and supports provided by CLA. We are

committed to supporting individuals and families throughout this entire process or simply to provide the services or programs that the individual needs.

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