CLA Summer Update

June was a big month for CLA Lanark County! Over 50 people attended our 53rd Annual General Meeting held on June 24th including the board of directors, members, community partners, employees and people we support. The evening went on with great success. Some highlights included, the president and executive directors’ reports, a highlight reel from the year, and awards and recognition. Here are some photos from the evening.

Later that same week, three people who we support celebrated significant achievements: two graduated from high school and one from college. Lindsay Narbonne and Noah Willows graduated from Notre Dame Catholic High School and both received awards for the hard work and achievement throughout their high school years. As well, Richard Graham persevered and graduated from Algonquin College’s Kitchen Steward Job Readiness program.

Lindsay (Center) at her high school graduation

Lindsay has matured and developed over the past two years with support from her Family Home Provider and the many friends she’s made in high school. CSS North Lanark has also helped her develop life skills and facilitated her achieving many important goals in her life plan. Lindsay is the proud recipient of the “Without Exceptions Art Award” from Notre Dame.

Noah at his graduation

Although Noah has only attended Notre Dame for one year, he was an important part of the community. Over the past school year, Noah made several friendships and obtained two awards. He first received the Bravo Award, which is given to an individual who always tries their best and works hard. At his graduation, Noah received the Spirit of the Flame Award, which is awarded to an individual who keeps their spirit up and is always trying their best to live up to the values of the Catholic Faith.

Richard at his graduation

In 2017, Richard completed a certificate course in Kitchen Steward Job Readiness at Algonquin College but due to circumstances beyond his control, he didn’t acquire his certificate. A month ago (June 2019), Richard brought the above concern to the attention of his one on one staff, who informed the college and requested that Richard be recognized at the 2019 convocation. Richard was added on the list of the students graduating in the Spring-Summer graduation and received his certificate on July 3. This was the achievement of a lifetime for Richard and he is very proud to be presented with his certificate with the other graduates at the ceremony.



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