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Mr. Shiny Shoes - A Home for Business

James Reith is a familiar face to many around Perth. He is the proud propieter of Mr Shiny Shoes. Recently Mr Shiny Shoes found a home for his business in Father & Sons Barber Shop. James' journey begain over a decade ago when he was a resident at Rideau Regional, he found an interest and passion in shining shoes. Steadily, over the years James has grown his client base and secured customers through advertising, word of mouth, and by direct communication. James' client base grew, to reach out to other towns and communities, he even has clientel in Almonte! The journey to finding a home in Father & Sons Barber Shop begain with the support of Groundwaves to be a self-employed shoe shiner. James is responsible for all transactions as well as connecting to the community to advertise his business. James owns all of his own shoe shining supplies and can be found certain days of the week at the shop, he will come to a business to shine the shoes of the employees, and also will committ to drop offs.

If you would like to have your shoes shined email

The Community is proud of James and all his accomplishments!

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