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The Individual Service Plan

The individual, not the services, is the main focus of the association and we develop Individualized Service Plans that meet the individual’s specific unique needs, desires and goals.

This person-centered approach utilizes diverse inputs and information to enhance the individual’s ability to achieve successful outcomes.

The Goal

“To develop and implement holistic life plans for individuals that is person-centered and based on the individuals personal goals.”

The plan addresses the following aspects:


  • People choose personal goals

  • People choose where and with whom they live

  • People choose where they work

  • People have intimate relationships

  • People are satisfied with services

  • People are satisfied with their personal life situations


  • People choose their daily routine

  • People have time, space and opportunity for privacy

  • People decide when to share their personal information

  • People use their environments


  • People live in integrated environments

  • People participate in the life of the community

  • People interact with other members of the community

  • People perform different social roles

  • People have friends

  • People are respected


  • People choose services

  • People realize personal goals


  • People are connected to natural support networks

  • People are safe


  • People exercise rights

  • People are treated fairly


  • People have the best possible health

  • People are free from abuse and neglect

  • People experience continuity and security .

Our supports are measured against the following personal outcomes.

All 115 people that we support have Individual Service Plans.

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