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Our Dedicated Staff

The staff knows well that we still have work to do to engage the people we support in their community, and to get the community to accept and include them in the daily rhythm and fabric of community life.


Jenni and Mark on Deck at Andrews Ave

We are dedicated to the empowerment, inclusion and enriched lives of the individuals that we support. Our staff works tirelessly to ensure that all the individuals that they support enjoy security and safety in their community and that they are engaged in meaningful and valued activities. They fundamentally believe in the inherent value of the individual and develop person centered plans that build on their strengths and abilities not plans that merely satisfy Ministry requirements and are limited by the individual’s disability or with simplistic goals. We respect individuals’ dreams and hopes and we assist them in developing goals, achieving those goals and encouraging them to achieve their full potential.

Kristen Ritchie, one of our dedicated staff and a Facilitator 1, has witnessed the evolution of the Developmental Sector from institutionalization to segregated community programs to a focus on community inclusion and engagement. She is inspired by the people she supports every day but she realizes that there are still many barriers to overcome. “Through incredible team and managerial support, we are able to provide creative options to overcome these struggles. It is the hope of all that our future will emulate true inclusion, and full acceptance and appreciation for people’s gifts and differences… it is through our differences that we are unique and valued in a world that doesn’t differentiate people based on abilities, sex, colour and race.”


Kristen and Beverly – 2012

Kristen’s enthusiasm and optimism is reflective of our staff’s outlook and commitment.

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