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Our Vision

All Individuals regardless of abilities are treated with respect and dignity, have opportunities for personal development to fulfill their dreams and participate fully in their community.

Welcome to Community Living Association

Lanark County


Community Living Association (Lanark County), is a charity supporting individuals with intellectual disabilities to enable and assist them to live a quality life in their community with dignity and respect.  This website provides a portal to serve our organization, our stakeholders and the people that we work for.  It is dedicated to the following objectives:  


  • Provide current and updated information to our stakeholders

  • Promote the mission and vision of Community Living Association, Lanark County

  • Support our services and staff in our quest to become as effective and efficient as possible

  • To promote inclusive communities through education and awareness

  • To advocate for social equity, justice and change

  • Communicate with stakeholders and the public

A New and Stronger Voice in Lanark County


The Boards of Directors at Community Living Association Lanark County (CLA) and Carebridge Community Support (CCS) are working together to find ways to improve services and enhance each person’s overall experience.   We are creating a new and stronger voice for the people we serve. Click Here to read more.

Join Our Board!

We are looking for new Board members to join our Joint Alliance Board.

Read more here


Family Home Providers are people who have chosen to open their homes and their lives to a person with an intellectual disability. These individuals can be single, couples or families of all types of compositions and have diverse experiences, backgrounds and lifestyles. They can provide a consistent, nurturing home life and are willing and capable of assisting another person in the areas of daily living as necessary.

As a Family Home Provider, you are making a difference in someone's life. In turn, you can look forward to an incredible rewarding and fulfilling experience or your own. 


  • You help someone who needs a home

  • You receive the joy of good company and the satisfaction of assisting someone to achieve their life goals

  • You receive a monthly stipend for your services


For more information about these amazing opportunities, please contact:
Karen Southcott
Team Lead - Family Services
(613) 257-8040 ext. 224
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